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In 1941, Christoforo and Domenica Bacchetti, two Italian immigrants, along with their two children, Angelina and Natalino, moved from Ferndale, California to the current home ranch located on MacArthur Drive in Tracy, CA. In addition to milking cattle, the family started a small hay operation consisting of two horses, a sickle mower for cutting, one wagon, and a dump rake. The hay operation was a laborious process and required many hours of physical labor for the entire family and horses. At that time, only twelve to fifteen acres of hay could be cut in one day. After the hay was cut, relatives would come to help each other load the hay by pitch fork onto the wagon so it could be taken into the barn. With little means and a modest budget, the family became incredibly resourceful. In fact, Domenica performed the necessary repairs on the hay and horse equipment to keep everything in working order for her family.
In the 1950’s, Christoforo and his son, Nat, purchased their first John Deere MT wheel tractor with a side mower and a used Freeman Baler. That original tractor is still on the ranch today. In 1960, an Owatonna swather was purchased to cut hay more efficiently, allowing the family to harvest more hay in a single day. Shortly after, a V-rake was purchased, making the dump rake obsolete.
In 1989, NB Farms was established by Nat and Marie Bacchetti and their son, Nathan Bacchetti. In 2000, grandsons Matt and Stephen joined the operation as the next generation of hay producers. The family continues to farm on the same land, overseeing all aspects of hay production from start to finish.
Over the years, the family hay business has seen many changes within the industry. Today,     NB Farms has the amenities of new and updated equipment, which makes the job much more comfortable and productive. The facilities for hay storage have expanded to enable storage of hay year-round. In addition to industry changes and new, modernized equipment, the family has over 50+ years knowledge and experience in producing quality hay, including alfalfa, wheat, oats, Sudan, and orchard grass.
Hay sales are made by appointment, so feel free to contact us at any time.  We look forward to hearing from you.
NB Farms
Nat & Marie Bacchetti, owners
Nathan Bacchetti, owner

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