About Flyin’ M Cattle Co.

Flyin’ M Cattle Co. began as a way to diversify the family cattle operation by adding a cow/calf sector to the family business. The idea quickly became a reality and before long, a modest sized cow herd was established. Along with the commercial cattle, we purchased a few registered Angus cows to produce bulls for the commercial cowherd and avoid the need to purchase bulls. As time passed, the decision was made to sell off the commercial cattle and develop an entire herd of Registered Angus cattle.  The plan was to expand our numbers using only the best genetics available.

Today, the cowherd continues to grow and the commitment that we made back then still applies. Our attitude is, “If we wouldn’t want it, why would anyone else?” We are focused on being progressive and using only the best Angus genetics that the breed has to offer. We are able to maintain this philosophy through the utilization of Artificial Insemination. The use of A.I. within the operation has allowed Flyin’ M Cattle Co. to use bulls that enable our program to reach our genetic goals, as well as breed a cowherd that is balanced in a number of traits. Having a well-balanced cowherd is critical in our opinion since we expect our cattle to thrive in range conditions. The Flyin’ M Cattle Co. cowherd runs exclusively on native pasture in the foothills of California. Although the herd is registered, Flyin’ M Cattle Co. has a commercial mentality and the program is truly run like a commercial operation.

Through the use of progressive practical management and by sticking to our original philosophy, Flyin’ M Cattle Co. strives to produce bulls and females that are widely accepted by both commercial and registered producers alike. Flyin’ M Cattle Co. bulls are bred to be balanced and have a variety of desirable qualities, such as calving ease, high growth, and good carcass traits. They are also selected to have great phenotype, sound feet and legs, and possess an acceptable disposition. Our females are bred in the same way with an added emphasis on good udders and milk production, qualities that are critical in producing great cows.

Although Flyin’ M Cattle Co. is not the biggest seed stock operation, our aim is to be the best in all facets of the cattle business. We are committed to using only the best Angus genetics available in an effort to produce the best cattle possible. We also strive to provide superior service to our customers.  Our customers come first, and that is an integral part of our business. In addition to selling cattle, we have made many new friends along the way and hope to meet many more who share the same goals and interests. We invite you to contact us at any time to discuss our current cattle offerings or even just to chat. We look forward to hearing from you.


Matt and Stephen Miller

Flyin’ M Cattle Co.

Tracy, CA

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